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虹の宿5マイル Niji no Yado 5mile

自己探究リトリート ホロトロピックブレスワーク Self-exploring retreat Holotropic Breathwork®

〜奄美の海で忘れている真我に出会う旅〜 美しい自然の加計呂麻島にて3泊4日のリトリート 〜Meeting with forgotten real~self in Amami sea~ 3nights 4days retreat in beautiful nature of Kakeroma-island

自己探究リトリート ホロトロピックブレスワーク Self-exploring retreat Holotropic Breathwork®
自己探究リトリート ホロトロピックブレスワーク Self-exploring retreat Holotropic Breathwork®


2024年2月29日 10:30 – 2024年3月03日 10:00

虹の宿5マイル Niji no Yado 5mile , 日本、〒894-2236 鹿児島県大島郡瀬戸内町伊子茂437 437 Ikoshige, Setouchi-cho, Ooshima-gun, Kagoshima-ken Japan 894-2236


About this event


“A retreat where you can explore your forgotten true self''  on Kakeroma Island, which has pristine nature located across the strait from Amami Oshima.



Take time away from everyday life to connect deeply with yourself.

Become  aware of and release unconscious limitations, past captivity,  suppressed emotions, pretended feelings, the curse of words, tears you  couldn't shed, sealed memories, etc.


There will be an opportunity to journey deeper into yourself and discover your authentic self.


It is precisely because of this blank space of a leap year that we can adjust the discrepancies of the past.


Day 1

1000〜1030 奄美空港集合

1100〜1230 ランチ(各自実費)

1400〜 加計呂麻島へ

1500〜 オープニングサークル&部屋にSettle 


1830〜1930 夕飯

1930〜2030 ホロトロピックブレスワークの説明

2030〜 自由時間  


0700〜 起床 

0800〜 朝食 

0900〜1200 ホロトロピックブレスワーク(1回目) 

1200〜1300 インタグレーション 

1300〜1430 ランチ&休憩 

1430〜1730 ホロトロピックブレスワーク(2回目) 

1730〜1830 インタグレーション 

1830〜1930 夕飯 

2000〜2100 シェアリングサークル 

2100〜 自由時間  


0700〜 起床 

0800〜 朝食 

0900〜1200 ホロトロピックブレスワーク(1回目) 

1200〜1300 インタグレーション 

1300〜1430 ランチ&休憩 

1430〜1730 ホロトロピックブレスワーク(2回目) 

1730〜1830 インタグレーション 

1830〜1930 夕飯 

2000〜2100 シェアリングサークル 

2100〜2200 セレブレーション(ダンス) 



0700〜 起床 

0800〜 朝食 

0900〜1000 クロージングサークル 

1000 解散






*参加費 77,000円

 早割  66,000円(12月末までのお申し込みされた方)




*宿泊先 虹の宿 5マイル*




1ヶ月前(1月28日から)参加費 25%

2週間前(2月14日から)参加費 50%

3日前(2月26日から)以降 参加費 100%

※脳梗塞、重度の高血圧、心筋梗塞、末端の血管が詰まりやすい病気、てんかん、骨粗鬆症、  血液を薄める薬を飲んでいる方は、お断りをしておりますので予めご了承ください。 喘息の方は事前に通知の上、吸入器を必ずお持ちください。  精神障害で治療や投薬をされて  いる方は、事前に相談した上で担当医の承認が必要です。お申し込み前に必ずご通知ください。妊娠中の方も事前にご相談の上、お申し込みください。 尚、セッションの治療行為ではありませんので、効果効能に関しては保証出来ない事をご了承ください。

Retreat schedule (It might be a slight change  depending on the flow) 

Day 1 

1000〜1030 Meeting at Amami airport 

1100〜1230 Lunch (not included in retreat fee)

1400〜 Move to Kakeroma island 

1500〜 Opening circle & settling into the room  

    Island tour & relaxation time at the private beach on the venue (Kayak available) 

1830〜1930 Dinner 

1930〜2030 Holotropic Breathwork® explanation 

2030〜 Free time  


0700〜 Wake up 

0800〜 Breakfast 

0900〜1200 Holotropic Breathwork (1st time) 

1200〜1300  Integration 

1300〜1430 Lunch & Free time

1430〜1730 Holotropic Breathwork (2nd Time) 

1730〜1830 Integration 

1830〜1930 Dinner 

2000〜2100 Sharing circle 

2100〜Free time  


0700〜 Wake up 

0800〜 Breakfast 

0900〜1200  Holotropic Breathwork (1st time) 

1200〜1300 Integration 

1300〜1430  Lunch & Free time 

1430〜1730 Holotropic Breathwork (2nd time) 

1730〜1830 Integration 

1830〜1930 Dinner 

2000〜2100 Sharing circle 

2100〜2200 Cerebration Dance 

2200〜 Free time  


0700〜 Wake up 

0800〜 Breakfast 

0900〜1000  Closing circle 

1000 Finish  

The participation fee includes the following: 

・Accommodation fee for 3 nights and 4 days + meals (same room with 2 or 3 participants) 

・Transfer from Amami Airport to Kakeroma Island accommodation on the 29th 

・All work sessions during your stay 

・Guide + transportation on the island  

* Retreat Fee 77,000 Yen

  Early Bird 66,000 Yen (Before the end of December 2023)  

 Bank transfer or card payment via PayPal (Please pay the bank transfer fee or PayPal fee)

Accommodation: Niji no Yado 5 milesA private space protected by nature, right in front of the sea. This is an inn that attracts guests from all over the country and is  difficult to get reservations for because of its delicious food,  including freshly caught sashimi, fish, pesticide-free island  vegetables, rice, and carefully selected seasonings. 

cancellation policy

1 month in advance (from January 28th) Participation fee: 25%

2 weeks ago (from February 14th) Participation fee: 50% 

Participation fee: 100% after 3 days ago (from February 26th)

Please  note that we do not accept patients with cerebral infarction, severe  high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, diseases that tend to clog  end blood vessels, epilepsy, osteoporosis, or those who are taking drugs  that thin the blood. If you have asthma, please notify us in advance  and be sure to bring your inhaler. If you are receiving treatment or  medication for a mental disorder, you must consult with your doctor in  advance and obtain approval from your doctor. Please be sure to notify  us before applying. If you are pregnant, please consult us before  applying. Please note that this is not a therapeutic session, so we cannot  guarantee its effectiveness.


Holotropic  Breathwork®  精神科医のスタニスラフ・グロフ博士が妻でヨガ講師の故クリスティーナと共に、世界各地の秘儀を研究し開発したセルフセラピーです。現在存在するモダンブレスワークのの元祖と言われており、サイケデリックサイコセラピーの傘の下で研究が進められているパワフルなモダリティです。呼吸と音楽によって拡大意識状態に入り、呼吸がインナーヒーラー(自己智慧)との掛橋になり、生命力を活性化させ、自己治癒力、意識の進化と成長を促します。   ホロトロピックブレスワーク体験では、自己の内側に起きてくる体験や感情のプロセスに従い,解放から統一のプロセスを辿ります。必然的に起こる普段より少し早く少し深い循環呼吸を繰り返すことで、心身に深く働きかけ、’今’必要なメッセージや疑問を受け取ったり、必要な感覚を体感します。   安全安心な環境で、有音の中、横になりながらする深く速い循環呼吸は、より多くのエネルギーを体内に巡らせます。それにより、普段は意識していない思考や抑えてしまっていた感情と出会い、感情的、身体的に必然なシフトが起こります。

What is Holotropic BreathworkHolotropic Breathwork® is a self-therapy developed by psychiatrist Dr.  Stanislav Grof together with his wife, Christina, after researching  esoteric techniques from around the world. It is said to be the origin  of modern breathwork as it exists today, and is a powerful modality  being studied under the umbrella of psychedelic psychotherapy. Through  breathing and music, you enter an expanded state of consciousness, and  breathing becomes a bridge to your inner healer (self-wisdom),  activating your life force, promoting self-healing power, and the  evolution and growth of your consciousness. In the Holotropic Breathwork  experience, we follow the process of experiences and emotions that  occur within ourselves, and follow the process from liberation to  unification. By repeating circular breathing a little faster and a  little deeper than usual, you can work deeply on your mind and body,  receive the messages and questions you need 'now', and experience the  sensations you need. Deep and fast circular breathing while lying down  in a safe and secure environment with sound will circulate more energy  within your body. As a result, you encounter thoughts that you are not  normally conscious of and emotions that you suppress, and an inevitable  emotional and physical shift occurs.  



Work methodHolotropic Breathwork is performed in pairs. While one person is  breathing (breather), the other person is watching (sitter). The role of  the sitter is to practice simply being there so that the breather can  safely dive inside. Being, not doing. The role of being a  non-judgmental, unaffected witness to someone else's inner journey  happening right in front of you is a powerful experience. Necessary  awareness and learning will occur through the experience of being a  sitter also.




Expected effectsIt may promote deep relaxation, stress relief, and various experiences  of awareness and awakening. It is also believed that important life events, births, or past life  re-experiments that require healing may appear in an inevitable form and  timing. It is also said that by re-experiencing unconsciously repressed  emotions and sensations, you can confirm their existence, and by  following that process, you may be able to free yourself from  conventional thinking patterns. If your psyche (spirit) feels necessary  to experience, you may have transpersonal experiences that go beyond  your personal consciousness (out-of-body projection, near-death  experiences, space-time fluctuations, etc.).


ハリー 万葉美 Holotorpic Breathwork® 公認ファシリテーター 仙台出身。オーストラリア、バイロンベイ在住。 元中学・高校教師。心理・メンタルヘルスカウンセラー、サイコセラピスト。また、糸掛け曼荼羅師、翻訳家、ライターとしても活動。現在は、日本に拠点を置き、実家の事業を手伝い会社経営をしながら、自身のライフワークの中心であるホロトロピックブレスワークを日本各地でオファーしている。 オーストラリア人の夫と子供2人の4人家族の母。16歳で家庭と学校生活に憤りを感じ、変化を求めてオーストラリアに留学。留学期間が終わり、そのままメルボルンの大学へと進学。専攻は映画。在学中に現在の夫に出会う。大学卒業後、進路に迷い、教育学科に編入し、オーストラリアの公立中学と高校で教鞭をとる。30歳で長男の妊娠を期に日本に移住。3年後、オーストラリアに戻り長女を出産。ライフワークを学校教員から徐々にカウンセラーへと移行。19年前に出会ったパワフルなインナーワークのモダリティであるホロトロピックブレスワークをメインに、ソールコラージュやトラウマセラピーを軸としたサイコセラピーを提供している。趣味は料理と音楽と自然と戯れること。

FacilitatorMayo Harry Holotorpic Breathwork® Certified Facilitator born in Sendai, lives in  Byron Bay, Australia. Former middle school and high school teacher.  Psychotherapist/Councelor. She also has worked as a thread mandala  artist, translator, and writer. Currently, she is based in Japan,  helping out with her family's business and running the company, while  also offering Holotropic Breathwork®, which is the center of her life  work, to various parts of Japan. She is the mother, who has an  Australian husband and two teenage children.  At the age of 16, she felt resentful of her family and school life in  Japan and went to study in Australia in search of a change. She  graduated university in Melbourne. After graduating from university, she  was unsure of her career path, so she became a teacher and taught at  public junior high and high schools in Australia. When she was 30 years  old and pregnant with her first son, she moved to Japan. Three years  later she returned to Australia and gave birth to her first daughter.  Gradually transitioning her life work from her school teacher to a  psychotherapist/counselor. She focuses on Holotropic Breathwork® a  powerful inner work modality she discovered 19 years ago, and she  provides psychotherapy centered around trauma therapy. Her hobbies are  cooking, music, and playing with nature. ​


Akemi Campbell  セラピスト 加計呂麻島在住 





2023年から美しい世界を未来へ引き継ぐプロジェクト「Ocean Sanctuary」を立ち上げて活動。

Retreat CoordinatorAkemi Campbell Therapist Living on Kakeroma Island  "every day to cherish what is truly important." She is good at healing invisible areas such as emotions and energy work  to balance chakras. She holds workshops that bring out unaware charms of  individual, as well as sharing messages from the nature. She leads retreats in Australia, Japan, and Kakeroma. She also offers a rental house, “Sun and Moon'' where visitors can  adjust the spatial vibrations just by being there, as a way to spend  time that is different from traveling. In 2023, she launched a project called “Ocean Sanctuary” to pass on the  beautiful world to the future.


  • Early Bird 早割

    (Before the end of December 2023) ペイパルの場合は手数料が加算されています。(2416円)

  • Retreat Feeリトリート参加費






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